van Leeuwenhoek Centre for Advanced Microscopy, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
LCAM is a formal collaboration between three innovative microscopy centres at the Faculty of Science (FNWI) of the University of Amsterdam, the Academic Medical Centre (AMC) and the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI).
The formalized collaboration capitalizes on a large degree of synergy between the principle investigators in developing, adapting and applying advanced microscopy for use in cell biology. Besides delivering access to the diverse advanced microscopy instruments, LCAM has developed as a leading centre in functional live cell imaging (FRET, FLIM, FCCS, FCS, FRAP and spectral imaging).

Academic Embedding

LCAM-FNWI is embedded within the section of Molecular Cytology and Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences.

LCAM-AMC is embedded in two research groups of the Department of Cell Biology and Histology: Protein Degradation and Aggregation and DNA Double-strand Break Repair Mechanisms.

consists of the NKI Digital Microscopy Facility, the NKI Robotics and Screening Facility and the Advanced Imaging and Biophysics group.

Principle investigators
FNWI   prof. TWJ Gadella, dr. M Postma,
dr. J Goedhart, dr. MA Hink
AMC prof. EAJ Reits, dr. N van der Wel,
dr. PM Krawczyk, dr. RA Hoebe, D Picavet-Havik
NKI Prof. K Jalink, dr. J Neefjes, dr. L. Brocks, M. Mertz, dr. W Beiersbergen

Microscopy Infrastructure


FNWI: Confocal: Leica SP8, Zeiss LSMmeta/Confocor, Zeiss LSM510, Nikon A1 (CLEM, FRAP), Olympus FLIM (FLCCS) Spinning Disk Confocal: Zeiss Yokogawa (FLIM), Nikon Andor (TIRF) Widefield: Zeiss Cell Observer, Nikon/Lambert Instruments FLIM screener, Zeiss/Lambert Instruments FLIM/SPIM  Superresolution: Nikon Andor-PALM

AMC: Confocal: Leica SP8 X, Leica SP8-SMD (Live-Cells, FLIM, FRAP), Leica SP8-DLS (LightSheet), Leica SP5-II (multibeam) Widefield:  Leica DMi8(Live Cells), Leica DMRA, Leica DM6, Leica IRBE (Microinjection) Superresolution: Leica SR-GSD Electron Microscopy: Fei-Technai-12, Philips CM10, Philips 525  (Scanning) Flow Cytometry: 2x BD FacsAria II Cellsorter, BD LSR Fortessa, 2x BD FacscAntoII, BD INflux Cellsorter, Sony SH800, Sony SP6800

NKI: Confocal: 2x Leica SP5-II, Leica SP5 (Live-Cells, spectral, FLIM, FRAP, FCS), 2x Leica Sp5-II (HC Screening) Superresolution: Leica SR-GSD


– Several beginners (monthly), intermediate and advanced microscopy courses
– International confocal course (30 students/year, 1.5 weeks hands on practical/theoretical course)
– In the footsteps of van Leeuwenhoek international PhD course (16 students/year, 1 week hands on practical/theoretical course)

– Bachelor Cell Biology & Microscopy course (170 students/year, 12 ECTS)
– Master track in Biomedical Sciences on Cell Biology and Advanced Microscopy (10 students/year, 120 ECTS)
– Several Master student Internships

– The Principal Investigators are frequent lecturers and teachers at international (FEBS, EMBO and other) advanced imaging courses.