The Microscopy infrastructure

Optical Microscopy

  • Fully automated customized Olympus IX-81 FV1000 4 channel confocal with separate 4 APD picoquant detectors enabling 4 channel FCS, FCCS, FCLS, and TCSPC-FLIM
  • Fully automated FLIM screening microscope Nikon-Ti based, Cairn Quadsplit with Hamamatsu ORCA Flash 4.0 sCMOS camera, and Lambert Instruments LI-CAM/multiled FLIM detection, Prior stage, filter wheels and shutters and TIRF arm.
  • Leica SP8 5-channel confocal including two HyD detectors
  • Zeiss LSM-Meta/confocor system with multi photon excitation option
  • Customized Frequency domain wide-field FLIM with spectral imaging, spinning disc-FLIM and TIRF-FLIM options, fully automated
  • 2x dedicated custom-optimized wide field FRET microscopes
  • Wide-field full spectral microscope Zeiss/PTI; Leica ASMDW deconvolution microscope with Lambert instruments frequency domain FLIM
  • Leica TCS-SP5 spectral detection 8-channel development confocal with UV- and visible lasers, a pulsed White-Light Laser (WLL) and 2 avalanche photodiode detectors, for development and routine application of FRET, FRAP, FCCS, TCSPC-FLIM and high-content screening, with incubator and automatic immersion dispensor
  • Leica SP5 confocal system used for imaging cells under ionizing irradiation; Zeiss LSM 510 4 channel confocal with UV and tunable multiphoton laser, fully automated
  • 2x routine Leica SP5-II 5-channel confocals with UV and visible lasers
  • 2x Leica SP5-II 6-channel high-content screening confocal with UV and visible lasers
  • 2x leica SP2 confocal
  • Nikon A1 4 channel confocal with spectral detector and CLEM (=controlled light exposure microscopy) with incubator;
  • Customized Andor Spinning disk FRAP-PA TIRF PALM/STORM system, fully automated with 2 EM-CCDs & incubator
  • 2x Leica SR-GSD superresolution microscope with TIRF
  • Leica TIRF microscope with EM-CCD and incubator
  • Leica Widefield routine fluorescence/absorption microscope with a monochrome and color camera
  • Zeiss cell observer widefield microscopes with incubators
  • 2x Zeiss wide-field epifluorescence microscopes with Eppendorf micro-injectors
  • Leica Widefield fluorescence microscope with micro injection
  • 3x Widefield delta-vision deconvolution setups with incubators, slide-scanning robot
  • Leica stereoscope with CCD
  • Upright Zeiss spinning disk system
  • Biotek Synergy plate reader
  • LS-55 Perkin Elmer fluorimeter

Instrumentarium such as separate lasers, optic mounts and vibration isolation tables, electronic boards are available to custom-develop the setups as necessary.

Flow Cytometry

  • 2x BD FacscAntoII analyzers with automated sample input
  • 2x BD LSR Fortessa analyzer
  • 2x Two BD FacsAria II cell sorter for sorting in tubes or 6-96 well plates (cell cloning)
  • BD INflux cell sorter
  • BD-pathway HCS system
  • 3x FACSscan setups


Electron Microcopy

  • Scanning Electron Microscope Philips 525
  • Transmission Electron Microscope Tecnai G2 Spirit Bio Twin with tomography
  • Philips CM10.