Recent Grants

  • AMC, (1200K), Two confocal microscope for (live)cell experiments, one with FLIM setup
  • STW (perspectief 3.1 M€, Manders, Gadella, Jalink, Hoebe) for super-resolution microscopy (nanoscopy) in 2011 through, comprising investments in FLIM-plate reader (FNWI), Structured illumination superresolution (FNWI), GSD localization superresolution (NKI) and a super high speed SPAD-detector based localization superresolution microscope (AMC) & 5 PhD students
  • NWO (middelgroot 392 k€, 2009, Hink, Gadella) grant (Microscope for multiplexed fluorescence fluctuation spectroscopy of cell signalling complexes)
  • NWO (middelgroot 885 k€, Manders, Gadella) Microscope for quantitative live cell imaging in systems biology
  • NWO (middelgroot 750K Krawczyk, Stap, Hoebe) grant (obtained by the workgroup “DNA Double-strand Break Repair Mechanisms”) for an ultrasoft X-ray multi microbeam irradiation system for studies of DNA damage responses by fixed- and live-cell fluorescence microscopy
  • NWO (groot 1.4 ME, Wolthuis, Jalink) for installation and development of a second high-content screening microscope
  • AMC, (500K) Transmission Electron Microscope Tecnai G2 Spirit Bio Twin
  • AMC, BD (200K) INflux cell sorter
  • AMC, BD (300K) FacscantoII
  • AMC, BD (250K) Facsaria I
  • NF-Instrumentation Grant (250 KE, Dr Wolthuis, 2011) for a live-cell deconvolution setup


In addition, Pharma companies invest yearly (undisclosed) large amounts in the screening facility. Microscopy companies including Leica and Lambert Instruments invest substantially (undisclosed amount) in the Jalink lab, which serves as a beta-test lab for both.